March 10, 2009


Hi there(: I go by the name of YEN! (: My first name is really duyen [it isn't pronounced the way you think it is.] but since noone knows how to say it, my nickname is YEN! :P So i know i just got started with this blog right here, but i'll be posting up makeup hauls soon! <3 & i'm just a person who goes for the "ulzzang" look, nothing huge. A little about me & my makeup life: So i've been in love with makeup ever since i started watching asian dramas & saw that the actresses were once ULZZANGS! So i fell in love with the makeup and yeah. I'm not a monolid btw. (= My main brands are Urban Decay, M.A.C, Sephora, NARS, MUFE, ect. I do also like Revlon. (: I really love watching makeup guru's on youtube, such as Fafinettex3, xteeener, but i don't really wear the makeup looks that they're creating. My two main makeup guru's are MichellePhan & Styleganji :D This blog will be up & running soon, so FOLLOW ME . (:

buh byee, YENNIE .

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